DSE and Application Specialist

Job Description

1. Dealer Support
*Support the Dealer and enable the dealer technicians to implement High Standard Dentist Installations, Dealer engineer and End user trainings on application, Repairs (Investigation / Fault Findings and Corrections) and Maintenance. * Only Medical Device Consultant or / and Certified Technical Product Trainers can ensure training of dealers to help them perform their obligations & Safe Installation of Carestream to the dentist. * Where necessary or where Required by DSM or RSSD to assist the dealer to install or repair Carestream equipment on Site to ensure high quality of intervention and customer hands on be flexible to provide installation dates in order to help invoicing of both equipment and service; Repair is supplied as a 2 or 3 level support in mission for dealers.
2. Team Support
* To Assist the DSM & RSSD in local Sales Activities. (Dealers events, exhibitions, assist sales training if required.); To install equipment on exhibitions. The DSM or RSSD must dispatch this activities via Central Dispatch. * To support Manufacturing by accompany Beta and trade Trials and making perfect follow up of trade trial needs * To support Customer Service & Support (TSR's) using Siebel and ACD Phone System. To be always available for DSM, SSR, R1 and R2. Return phone calls and emails in a reasonable time. * Exceptionally assist other Clusters if requested (examples: installations, interventions, on-site trainings, trade shows, product demonstrations, dealer events) * To support DSE in complex service situation like network error or DICOM compatibly issues * To coach DSE to grow their application and network knowledge. * Third level escalation point contact for application issues coming from remote service Stuttgart.
3. End-User (Dentist) Support
* On remote service or level 3 request by Central Dispatch. * If DSE have to go on Dentist site he needs to provide excellent installation, repair or training. * Run application Trainings for 3D Products on site (Dentists, Hospitals, Universities, Radiologists) includes preparation for all Training Materials * Train Dealer DSE's & DSM on Clinical Applications for our products -- Certification Process * Train & Coach Carestream Sales people on Clinical Application for new products- Certification Process * Translate / Prepare Training Material for all Attendees * Support Sales to achieve Professional Service Revenue Goal. * Special Projects e.g. support launch of new products (TTS), local regulatory. * Support & Prepare Exhibitions, Congresses and Events related to technical functionality and demonstrations in cooperation with the DSE * Support TMM in Marketing Materials Localization (Radiology brochures, DVD's, FTP Server, clinical cases) * Pre sales support as and when necessary.
4. Continuous Improvement
* Participation in Carestream trainings and become certified in all Products, with the possibility of becoming a Medical Device Consultant or / and Technical Product Trainer. * To continuously be up-to-date on products and application. The DSE must use the provided information from MLV or other sites (e.g.: Training Center, WW Product Line Managers (PLM), EAMER Product Captains, reading ′Product News' and other Literature and through ′hands-on experience). * Any intervention must be scheduled through Central Dispatch * To records all activities properly within Siebel. Constant feedback on product performance via Siebel and during Service or cluster meetings. * All interventions and installations must be documented by the "Service Report" by iPad and sent back to Dispatch and attached to Siebel. * Perform excellent installation of prototype or pre-serie equipment * Send reports when requested by product managers and level 3 MLV service assistance * To inform the Technical Service Specialists (TSS) and fills in Siebel case of any unknown Faults, Provide possible Solutions through Lotus Notes Suggestion box and Assist if necessary with preparation of Carestream Dental EAMER ′Product News', Data Sheets etc. * Localization of technical documentations (Manuals, training documents, TechNews...) * If a DSE is required to answer to Technical calls the request needs to go through Central Dispatch. * Always complete complaint reports and make sure complaint report is escalated to the correct department. Ensure continuous request of solution to complaint reports (follow up) * To Comply with Health and Safety Regulations and inform the RSSD in case non-respect of Health and Safety Regulations. The DSE has to always wear the Radiation Dosimeter during Hours of Work. * To Maintain a Good Working Relationship with your Colleagues and Dealers. * Always provide updated information on activity to help TSR update agenda and plan in advance activities (training, reporting, holidays) to ensure perfect dispatching * A Quotation has to be sent out from dispatching before any intervention activity. DSE responsibility is to set the Siebel case "to be invoiced" and fill service report when on field to ensure invoicing. * Participate to the weekly service conference call * Keep the reporting system (Siebel) updated on a daily base * Respect dates of any additional report requested by management