Technical Support Analyst

Job Description

Major Purpose of Role: The main purpose of this role is to handle the escalation of technical issues and answer all technical and general product related questions and inquires; the Technical support Analyst (R2) is involved in difficult cases handled by the Remote Support Representative-- R1-Team before it is escalated to Factory (LVL 3 Escalation); he/she set up escalations and improvement plans if needed to assure the product support performance. He/she is responsible for the analyzing and reporting.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Handles escalations from R1 Team
  • Responsible for data analysis of escalations to identify training opportunity, Knowledge Article creation and utilization to move to 80% goal for R1
  • Responsible for development and delivery of training to increase resolution time and first fix rates at R1 level
  • Responsible for Commercialization via participation in gate, TTS, beta site installation and data collection
  • Responsible for Current Product Engineering
  • Prioritization and entry of Hardware / Software defects across product group for R&D team
  • Reporting, analysis and trending of Equipment defects across product line for Manufacturing CPE team
  • Additional team within R2 focused to:
    • Internal and external training delivery
    • Quality and Compliance
    • Commercialization Roadmap
    • Responsible for product performance reports