Sales Specialist

Job Description

This role is responsible for sales needs analysis, sales revenue and margins achievement, negotiation, sales delivery, regional KOL relationship maintenance, Channel management and marketing activities.
  1. Responsible for selling Carestream dental digital products.
  2. Build and maintain relationships with current and target customers.
  3. Identify Customer expectations with regard to product performance, delivery times, service needs & training and transfer / coordinate the relevant information with internal departments in order to deliver optimal solutions to the market.
  4. Supply information on market share development, competitors' activities, trends and market developments in geographic region of responsibility to Sales Management and Marketing.
  5. Provide technical and sales support to both the dealers and the dentists.
  6. Set up and maintain luminary relationships.
  7. Execute the marketing strategies.

Channel Management

  1. Supervise distributors to achieve sales targets and stretch goals.
  2. Plan and set up channels, optimize the dealer system according to the company channel development strategy.
  3. Properly solve the channel conflict by the excellent communication skills and negotiation skills to establish and maintain the good market reputation and credibility for the company.



  1. Complete sales reports in a timely and accurate manner.